Awesome didge-sampled track from Srikalogy‘s “New Paradigm”

Galactic music production from Skytree plus some satellite communications. Didge recorded in the mainspace at Golden Drum.

Tyler Sussman wrote “Dear Mother Earth” as an expression of gratitude for our beautiful planet. Featuring: Tyler Sussman – saxophone, Lana Is – voice, John Medeski – hammond b3 organ, Peter Kronreif – drums, Martin Nevin – bass, AJ Block – didgeridoo

“As One” is the title track from Didge Project’s 2011 album. This live acoustic version features AJ Block on didgeridoo and harmonium, Tripp Dudley on tabla and Tyler Sussman on flute.

In Chennai, India, I was connected with bansuri flute player Navin Iyer in March 2010. We had just enough time to get into his studio and have a brief improvised session, which we released as Bansuri Meditation. Download it for free when you sign up for the newsletter at

Didgeridoo Meditation: An Odyssey Through Consciousness was intended as a recording for deep relaxation. This album is a composition of didgeridoo duets carefully crafted to guide the listener through a complete continuum of consciousness. By learning to access these “altered states” at any time the listener can tap into his or her own capacity for relaxation, meditation, creativity, and sleep. In creating this album we integrated the principles of binaural beats and brainwave entrainment. By synthesizing modern recording techniques with the ancient instruments we were able to create music that people could really benefit from. For more details visit the album page. This was Didge Project’s first realease in 2009.